NCS Research Group


We seek to understand and exploit interesting characteristics of nanoscale objects, such as nanowires, nanoridges, nanoholes, and nano-membranes as well as their hierarchical hybrid combinations. Our aim is to explore novel electronic, photonic, and biological responses, even surface characteristics of these materials. We are also developing new ‘integrated technology’ and biomimetic approaches for actuating devices containing nanostructures. This work combines fundamental studies with forward-looking engineering efforts. Our current research focuses on nanophotonics, soft robotics, non-wettable surfaces, nano/bio therapeutics, 2D materials-based electronic devices and 3D nano-scaffolds, especially with an emphasis on bio-inspired and nano/bio integrated technologies. These efforts are highly multidisciplinary, and combine expertise from nearly every traditional fields of technical studies.


Nano/Bio Sensing

Nano Photonics

Opening  We are looking for highly motivated M. S., Ph. D. students, and Postdocs.

Sep. 2016   Journal Accepted: Nano Letters, “Atomic Migration Induced Crystal Structure Transformation and Core-Centered Phase Transition in Single Crystal Ge2Sb2Te5 Nanowires”

Sep. 2016   Conference Presentation: The 6th International Conference on Microelectronics and Plasma Technology (ICMAP)

  • "Multidimensional Comprehension of Haptic Perception using Micro Topographic Surfaces with Various Pitches and Materials"
  • "Geometry effects of Polymeric Bio-inspired Nanostructures on Specular Reflectance"
  • "Graphene-Metal Zig-Zag Edge Contact for Reducing Contact Resistance”

Sep. 2016   Patent Applied: “Apparatus For Layer Control-Based Synthesis and Method of Using The Same”

Sep. 2016   Conference Presentation: International Conference on Recent Progress in Graphene/2D Research (RPGR)

  • "Layer-by Layer Bernal Stacked Graphene Growth"

Aug. 2016   Jun-Young Lee Graduated as a Ph.D

Aug. 2016   Journal Accepted: RSC Advances, “High-Yield Fabrication of Suspended Two-Dimensional Materials for Atomic Resolution Imaging”

Aug. 2016   Conference Presentation: The 20th International Vacuum Congress (IVC-20)

  • "Controlled fabrication of stretchable PVDF mesh structures by nearfield electrospining for energy harvesting devices"
  • "Synapse-like Switching with Core-Centered Phase Transition in Single Crystal Ge2Sb2Te5 Nanowires"
  • "Fabrication of Flexible Energy Harvester via Electro-Spun Piezoelectric and Conducting Nanofibers"
  • "Leidenfrost Effect Driven by Vapor Bubble Shapes on the Surface of Micro/Nano Structures"
  • "Local Polarization Properties of Electrospun PVDF Nanofiber by Piezoelectric Force Microscopy"
  • "Biosensing of miRNA-106a in gastric cancer based on plasmon coupling induced by hybridized metal nanoparticles"
  • "Printed Nanoplasmonics on Flexible Substrate for Multicolour Plasmonics and Biosensing Platform"

Jul. 2016   Sang-Hyun Park Joined as a Undergraduate Intern

Jul. 2016   Conference Presentation: Nano Korea 2016 The 14th International Nanotech Symposium

  • "Highly Stretchable and Wearable Strain Sensor Using Entangled Graphene Network"
  • "Meta-Stabilization in Phase Change Ge2Sb2Te5 Nanowires"

Jul. 2016   Conference Presentation: META’16, the 7th International Conference on Metamaterials, Photonic Crystals and Plasmonics

  • "Electrical Detection of miRNA using Photoconductance in Plasmonic Nanowire"

Apr. 2016   Journal Accpeted: Carbon "Large-Area Layer-by-Layer Controlled and Fully Bernal Stacked Synthesis of Graphene"

Feb. 2016   Conference Presentation: The 50th Winter Annual Conference of the Korean Vacuum Society (KVS)

  • "Fabrication of One-Dimensional Graphene Metal Edge Contact without Graphene Exfoliation"
  • "Bioinspired CuO Hierarchical Nanostructures for Self-cleaning Surfaces and SERS Substrates"
  • "Entangled-Mesh Graphene for Highly Stretchable Electronics"
  • "Fabrication of PVDF Structures by Near Field Electrospinning"

Jan. 2016   Journal Accepted: ASCT "Nanoplasmonics: An Enabling Platform for Integrated Photonics and Biosensing"

Jan. 2016   Conference Presentation: 9th International Symposium on Nature-Inspired Technology (ISNIT 2016)

  • "Angular Antireflectivity of Inverted Bio-Inspired Nanostructures"
  • "Bio-inspired Hierarchical Nanoflowers on Nanograss Structures for Self-maintenance and Sensing Applications"